Meet Carolyn Scott Michael

Before we get to know each other I have something to confess: I’m not a woman and my name is not Carolyn Scott Michael. As a matter of fact, no one I know has the name Carolyn Scott Michael. And even though it is a beautiful name it is actually the three distinct names of the three most beautiful people I have been blessed to know – my children.

Now that I got that off my chest let me introduce you to Carolyn Scott Michael Photographers.

We are passionate, we are different, we are tech-savvy, we are also a little bit kooky and a whole lot of creative. While we like to describe our style as un-cookie-cutter, we are focused on making every image we capture all about YOU. You are not just another client, you’re our only client on your wedding day. We love that we are able to craft our art while documenting your life, relationship, laughter and those special, intimate moments.

Our experience combined with our passion, creativity and knowledge will guarantee that you will love your images but our most valuable asset is the friendship that we create with YOU along the way.

We think you’re gonna love the way you look! Come see for yourself.